Financial Planning in Burlington with a
Senior’s Advisor who Cares

Léony deGraaf Hastings, CFP®, CEA, EPC
Certified Financial Planner
Retirement Income & Estate Planning

Financial Planning in Burlington with a Senior’s Advisor who Cares

Léony deGraaf Hastings, CFP®, CEA, EPC
Certified Financial Planner
Retirement & Estate Planning

Financial Planning in Burlington with a Senior’s Advisor who Cares

Léony deGraaf Hastings,
Certified Financial Planner
Retirement & Estate Planning

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With over 70 years of family business experience, deGraaf Financial Strategies has the knowledge & real life experience to guide you through YOUR financial season of life

  • How much should I be saving for retirement? RRSP or TFSA?
  • What are the safest investments to make in today’s economy?
  • How can I protect and efficiently transition my estate to my kids?
  • Who will benefit from my mortgage insurance – my family or the bank?
  • How do I solve the capital gains problem on the cottage?
  • What affect will a divorce have on my financial future?
  • How do I turn my Retirement Savings into tax efficient Retirement Income?
  • Should I commute my pension or leave it with my employer?
  • Suddenly a Widow – now what?
Seniors Retirement Income

Get the answers to these
and ALL your financial questions from
a Certified Financial Planner who puts YOU first!

Retirement Income Estate Planning

The banks and captive advisors only offer their own brand of products as ‘solutions’ to your unique financial needs. Therefore, they must fit you into their box and will often make similar recommendations, whether you are 18, 48 or 80.

For someone as individual as you are – you deserve a personalized financial plan, with strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals.

As an independent broker, deGraaf Financial Strategies researches the financial markets for you, recommending only the options and solutions that best meet or exceed your needs – no boxes!

Our mission is to guide you towards and into the retirement season with personalized financial and retirement income advice. Finances are difficult enough to navigate, so we leave the jargon at the door and help you make sense of it all.

So if you’re tired of being treated like a number – or your advisor keeps changing branches or companies – or you feel like your financial well-being deserves more than a cookie cutter approach – then give deGraaf Financial Strategies a try – we’d be happy to earn your business!

Personalized Financial Planning
millennial financial planning


If you are just starting out, or starting over, deGraaf Financial Strategies can simplify this season for you…

pre-retirement plan


deGraaf Financial Strategies can help to guide you towards the retirement you dream about whether …



Our specialty is the Autumn season and providing clients with peace of mind, in knowing we have taken steps…



From real, personal experiences Léony understands the most difficult time for any family is when a loved one passes…

Léony deGraaf Hastings practically grew up in the financial industry, with her father being a distinguished financial advisor for more than 50 years. Léony started as his Assistant and soon began her own financial advisor career in the family firm 25 years ago. She has since built her own recognized and awarded financial planning firm in Burlington, where she resides with her husband in their empty nest.

Appreciating a close bond with her grandparents, and losing her Mom to breast cancer in 2000, Léony found herself gravitating towards helping women and seniors with complete retirement and estate planning. The clarity and peace of mind she brings her clients is very rewarding.

Recognizing this passion, deGraaf took specialized education to earn her Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) and Certified Executor’s Advisor (CEA) designations. Most importantly, Léony is fully qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional – the most recognized financial planning designation worldwide, confirming the gold standard in ethics and financial planning proficiency.

Many clients come to Léony during a life transition, such as divorce, retirement, or after the death of a spouse or parent, looking for guidance and reassurance. She combines her financial acumen with a compassionate approach, making her clients feel comfortable discussing their financial concerns. Léony’s focus is to break down complicated financial matters into clear, simple, relatable terms for her clients, so they feel empowered to make good financial decisions. Together, let’s simplify the seasons of life

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Léony in the Media

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Best In Wealth

Wealth Professional Canada – Top 50 Advisor – Léony deGraaf Hastings – Ranked #2 in Canada

Certified Financial Planner CFP FP Canada

A Certified Financial Planner has achieved and maintains
internationally recognized standards of knowledge, skills, abilities and ethics, at the highest level of complexity required of the profession.
A CFP is a qualified professional
who will put clients’ interests ahead of their own.
Don’t settle for less!

Top 50 Advisors in Canada 2014 Top Financial Planner Best Adviser

Recognized by Wealth Professional Magazine as one of
Canada’s Top 50 Advisors 2014 

Léony ranked #2 on the list!

Elder Planning Counselor EPC designation

An Elder Planning Counselor understands the unique circumstances
and challenges facing Canadians aged 55+
The Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies and its member Elder Planning Counselors stand for the highest of professional principles and standards, regardless of their profession.

Burlington Readers Choice Award

Since 2009 Léony has been voted one of Burlington’s

‘Favorite Financial Planners’

‘Best Insurance Brokers’
in the Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Awards!

Women of influence wealth professional
Mackenzie investments female trailblazer of the year
Women of Influence in Financial Planning female financial planner notable top advisor

Named as one of the financial industry’s
Women of Influence
and a finalist in the
Female Trailblazer of the Year award for her dedication to empowering women financial advisors and female financial planning clients

Brokers are Best

As a broker to the investment and insurance industry, deGraaf Financial Strategies has access to a wide range of quality products from large and reputable Canadian companies.

We search the industry for the best solution for your particular needs!

Here are just a few . . .

Sun Life Investments
Manulife Investments
Equitable Life
Canada Life
RBC Insurance investments

Seasons of Life –

What Life Transition are You In?

How can a Certified Financial Planner help You?

Your ideal Certified Financial Planner professional offers far more than just assistance with your investments. They embody a holistic approach, considering every aspect of your financial landscape, from cash flow to savings, tax planning, life insurance, pensions, and beyond. Picture them as more than a financial advisor, but a trusted confidante, a reliable sounding board, a financial coach and a crucial ally in securing your financial success and well-being.

Imagine the guidance and support you’ll receive from a committed, experienced financial planner who specializes in retirement income planning. Your CFP serves as both coach and mentor, and is fully invested in your success. Their expertise not only ensures your present financial peace of mind but also lays the groundwork for your family’s future financial stability. The value and savings you receive, far exceeds the hourly fee or the embedded investment fee you pay your CFP.

Personalized Holistic Financial Planning & Investment Management for Women and Seniors – Tax-efficient Retirement Income Planning – your TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF, GIC, & GMWB accounts – your Pension or Severance package decisions – arranging your Retirement Income for Life – Wealth Management from Savings Plans to Estate Plans – Divorce Planning – Life Insurance & Mortgage Insurance – Critical Illness Insurance – Annuities – Estate Planning – Gradual Inheritance planning – Executor Assistance . . . . and more!

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