Financial Planning
for Women

Financial Planning
for Women

Financial Planning for Women, by Women

Discover expert financial planning services crafted for women by our dedicated team of female financial advisors. As your trusted financial planner, we prioritize the unique needs and goals of women, providing personalized solutions to empower your financial journey. Explore the benefits of partnering with a knowledgeable financial advisor who understands and addresses the specific financial challenges and opportunities that women may encounter.

As the modern face of wealth is female, step confidently into your financial future with tailored financial planning for women.

Partner with deGraaf Financial Strategies to navigate the complexities, seize opportunities, and empower your journey towards financial success!

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As a trusted Female Financial Planner, my Vision is . . .

to ENLIGHTEN, EMPOWER and EQUIP Canadian women – of all ages and income levels – with expert financial planning GUIDANCE & INFORMATION. My intention is to provide women with the honest advice and STRATEGIES they need to IMPROVE their cash flow, GROW their net worth and PROVIDE for their own secure retirement.

Presenting an Educational Series entitled:

P.I.N.K. – Protection, Investments and the Need for Knowledge

This is a workplace series of 4 Lunch & Learn’s for Women Only with a vision to educate, empower and prepare Canadian women with the financial planning strategies they need. We break it down in to bite size portions over four weeks. Not only do we discuss the basics of how to safely grow women’s investments, but also how to provide for a predictable retirement and how to protect their personal, business and family legacy assets.

Without a doubt, the information contained in our presentations engages and educates attendees. It provides women with the confidence to make more informed financial choices for themselves and their families. Please rest assured, these sessions are purely educational and not a forum for selling products or services.

“In a financial world historically dominated by men, this forum provides women with a new, unique opportunity to learn about their finances. They can ask a female financial planner questions which they may not feel comfortable asking if men were present. Women understand each other, along with the unique pressures and challenges we face every day.”

financial planning women female advisor

The statistics show . . . financial planning women female advisor

  • 84% of Canadian women do not have a back-up plan for spousal death, divorce or separation.
  • 45% of females aged 65 or older are divorced, separated or widowed.
  • Women live 5-10 years longer, retire earlier yet contribute 30% less to their RRSP’s than men.
  • 90% of females will be forced to manage finances on their own due to divorce or loss of a spouse.
  • 48% of polled women do not have a financial plan of any kind.
  • Historical gender roles and responsibilities were often geared towards the male being the sole breadwinner.
  • Boomer females are the first generation to have participated in the workforce for most or all of their adult lives.
  • Consequently, women have significant competing pressures and priorities such as family, children and careers. This has forced them to put their financial health on the back burner.
  • When faced with the emotions of a divorce, a career change, or the death of a spouse or a parent is a difficult time to take a crash course in financial management. Let’s get prepared now!

financial planning women female advisor

It’s time to turn the historical roles upside down! Together, let’s prepare and empower women with the financial knowledge they need, in order to secure their future independence! You can help many of your female friends and colleagues take this important first step towards financial freedom. Consider offering the PINK presentations as a Lunch & Learn series at your workplace!

financial planning women female advisor

In summary, I would be pleased to discuss the PINK Financial Literacy Program for women in more detail and discuss different ways this program may be used at your workplace. Obviously, I am very excited about PINK and sharing my expertise to educate, empower and protect as many women as possible!

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Preserve your capital and secure your assets
Grow your capital and manage your wealth
Understand your unique financial challenges
Access to information and expertise
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Why Choose a Female Financial Advisor?

“The integrated, warmer approach to financial planning that clients are seeking today is a great match for the strengths and skills traditionally considered the female way of thinking.

That feminine viewpoint speaks to the contemporary client’s need for a financial plan that addresses more than just the numbers.”

. . . says Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP in her Jan 9, 2013 G&M article

There are Many ADVANTAGES to having a female Financial Planner on Your side

⭐️ The #1 reason is we can empathize with your needs & concerns – why? Because we are mothers, daughters, wives, career women and caregivers too. We’ve been there. We get it!

⭐️ We know what makes sense financially, but we intuitively understand what feels right for you, your comfort level and your season of life.

⭐️ Much research has been done about gender culture and communications, where the findings generally show that women place high value on shared experiences, while men tend to be more autonomous and detached.

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“Women’s financial needs have been underserved for too long, and now many women investors want to work with female advisors”

Only 15% of financial advisors in Canada are women. This is particularly significant, considering studies reveal women are more comfortable talking to female advisors than they are to their male counterparts for a variety of reasons.

  • Women have different communication styles – we tend to be better listeners, more expressive and emotive. Women have an innate ability to understand non-verbal cues
  • Some research shows that a male culture leadership style can lean towards a hierarchy, while women tend to govern for accord and harmony. Women look for trusted partnerships.
  • Women tend to be more diplomatic with their talk time, ask questions first and rarely talk over one another. Watch for this at your next social gathering, its interesting!

~ 80% of widows switch financial advisors within a year of their husband’s death ~

Divorce Is Never Easy

Divorce is never easy, but the financial headache that often comes along with it CAN be mitigated with some solid financial planning and preparation.

Join Leony on an episode of the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada’s Mastering Money Podcast as we discuss the best ways women can prepare themselves and their finances for a divorce, and how they can set themselves up for financial independence.

A well thought out Divorce Exit Plan is essential for a smoother transition.

Listen here: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, PodBean & Spotify.

S4 E05: Going Alone: After a Relationship 

To get OrganizedDownload our Divorce Preparation Checklist

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“Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.

Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less.” – Marie Curie