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Common Travel Insurance Myths

Whether you are traveling alone or with the family, whether for a single trip or multiple journeys, the reassurance of having coverage for medical emergencies and travel mishaps is invaluable. You can buy peace of mind. Our comprehensive travel insurance plans have you and your loved ones covered, wherever your adventures may take you!

Emergency Medical Coverage is ESSENTIAL when Travelling!

While no one anticipates getting sick or injured while on vacation or out of the province, it’s a reality – it happens. With travel insurance, you’re relieved of the added worry. Let our emergency medical travel coverage ease the burden by managing your care options and avoiding potential financial disaster, including possible coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Another option is to fully insure your vacation and include comprehensive trip cancellation coverage as well. Click here to compare the coverages.

Whether you’re heading south for the winter or day tripping to the US to shop, travelling across Canada or going to Europe and beyond, travel insurance is wise choice. Don’t fall prey to these myths!

  1. MYTH: Government Health Plan Suffices

    Even when traveling within Canada, your Government Health Plan might not cover all emergency medical expenses. Vital services like ambulances, prescription drugs, and emergency dental care might remain uncovered, potentially costing more than an average travel insurance plan.

  2. MYTH: Expensive Multi-Trip Plans

    Contrary to belief, multi-trip plans consolidate several vacations into one policy, saving money when embarking on multiple trips within a year. They cover various trip durations, offering comprehensive coverage for several journeys, from four to 60 days, under a single policy.

  3. MYTH: Airlines Provide Full Reimbursement

    Expecting airlines to reimburse unused hotel rooms during flight delays is a common misconception. Vacation package insurance plans, however, typically include trip cancellation and interruption coverage, ensuring coverage for lost hotel nights and lost luggage.

  4. MYTH: Short Trips Don’t Warrant Insurance

    Dismissing the need for insurance on short trips is a fallacy. Regardless of trip duration or destination, travel insurance ensures peace of mind and comprehensive protection against unforeseen events.

  5. MYTH: Credit Card Coverage is Comprehensive

    Credit cards may fall short in providing extensive travel insurance, often limiting coverage to trip interruptions and baggage loss. Reviewing credit card plans thoroughly and considering supplementary insurance is advisable to fill potential gaps, especially for individuals over 65.

  6. MYTH: Out-of-Pocket Payment Suffices

    Relying on out-of-pocket payments for medical expenses abroad, especially in regions like the U.S. and Mexico, can lead to substantial financial strain. Trip cancellation and insurance typically cost a fraction—4%-10%—of your total trip cost, a minimal amount compared to potential expenses incurred.

And here’s the best kept secret of all . . .

the premium you pay for your emergency medical travel insurance is an income tax deduction as a medical expense!

Bon voyage!

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